What triggered global warming?



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    The main root of global warming is the human-caused emissions of greenhouse gasses, which include Carbon Dioxide from burning fuels and deforestation, methane and nitrogen oxides from unsound farming practices, along with other gasses. Earth normally absorbs heat from the sun, and then dissipates it through the atmosphere into space. Greenhouse gasses prevent this heat from dissipating as it should, trapping it on the Earth. The Greenhouse Effect is the same reason Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system without being closest to the sun.

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    There is a lot of information about global warming and climate change in general.  Climate change (ice-ages, warming) has always been a part of earth’s history, and some of the reasons have been changes in Earth’s obit, changes in the sun’s intensity, volcanic eruptions and so on.  More recently however, there has been extensive contributions from humans in the form of greenhouse gasses.  Many of our industrial practices including manufacturing, deforestation, and farming practices have contributed to the current warming trends we see.

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    Building off of the answer given by langg, most will argue that anthropogenic behavior has triggered climate change. The industrialized country that has emitted the most greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is China, contributing 22% of the world’s emissions, followed by the United States contributing 20%, and the European Union with 14%.

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