What is a trigger fish?



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    Triggerfish are usually carnivorous fish found in many of the world’s seas. There are 40 species of triggerfish and the largest triggerfish – called the Stone Triggerfish – can grow up to 3.3 feet long. Triggerfish pregy on species such as crabs and worms. They can be very aggressive especially around their nests. If an intruder were to come near their nests, they are likely to charge or bite.

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    Another type is the gray triggerfish, which is found in the Mediterranean Sea and throughout the Atlantic Ocean, from Canada to Argentina and from England to Angola. They commonly eat sea urchins, crabs, shrimp, and sand dollars.

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    There are 40 different species of triggerfish. They are known for their nasty temper and bad behavior. These fishes are infamous for their attacks and bites on other fishes and humans. They are bottom dwellers and prey on crabs and worms. Triggerfish flap away debris with their fins so strong that they are able to flip over sea urchins.

    Triggerfish can grow up to be three and half feet long. They are attractive and pretty fish. They are so attractive that they are sought for aquarium trade. Even endangered ones are not safe from the trade.

    Photo: Close-up of a fish

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