What is the trend for bicycle messengers in cities; is this service becoming more or less popular?



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    The trend is increasing to use bikes for most deliveries. It is easier to navigate in traffic and can actually make delivery faster.

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    Up until just a few years ago, the call for bike couriers in dense urban environments was very high.  As people began to get more comfortable with computers, especially with e-mail, many of the documents that would have normally required a courier started to get sent as attachments to e-mails, in PDF format or otherwise.  Because of this, profit margins dropped for courier companies, and most fleets across the country made heavy cuts in their numbers, some being eliminated altogether.  With the recession, more cuts were made, and many a courier had a sore backside from sitting on it much of the day.  Many couriers (in Boston, at least) claimed that it was a “dying profession” and there was no money in it anymore.  I hope that as we spring back out of the recession, the demand for couriers will rise some.

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