What is this tree?

The leaves look like a maple but are three lobed. The lobes are not pointed but almost squared off as though someone cut the tops off. They are about 3 inches across.



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    Couple things:

    1) Unusual plants tend to be easiest to identify with a picture of their bloom / flower / blossom.

    2) A nursery that is looking for a sale may be willing to indulge you, if you bring in a sample and a picture.

    3) A specialty Internet forum might have people interested in helping a stranger, but if you were thinking of consulting with the real pros — in a university or an arboretum — be aware that they CONSTANTLY get asked to identify plants. It could take real time and effort on their part to do this, and universities aren’t a public service to answer any question you might have.

    Best suggestion? Take pictures of: Whole tree, leaves on branch, flower/fruit/whatever. Post them on a specialty Internet forum.

    Alternately? Just get the attention of some local nature buff.

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