What is a tree that blooms with white flowers in early spring?



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    How about the dogwood tree?  It blooms in early spring and covers the tree with white flowers.


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    There are actually a handfull of of spring blossoming, white flowered trees. The tree could be a Magnolia Tree, or Chanticleer Ornimental Pear Tree, or YOshino Cheey Tree (although these flowers are more pink that white). All of these trees blossoming the spring time.

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    There are varieties of cherry trees and plum trees that both have white flowers and these trees flower fairly early in the spring. Cherry trees, however, are more commonly used as landscaping trees throughout ciites, parks, and University campuses.

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    Citrus trees produce a white blossom with a sweet fragrance, much like the jasmine blossom.  They bloom in March-April.

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