What is trapped methane?



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    Trapped methane is also known as methane hydrates. Methane hydrates occur all over the world and consist of methane being stored within unstable water bound deposits, that if disturbed, can release the methane. Trapped methane can occur under water in silt, in ice/slush, and even permafrost. 

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    Trapped methane is mathane gas that is not readily available because it is encased, or trapped, in marine sediments. Methane can be trapped in frozen seabeds, glaciers and underneath bodies of water. Trapped methane can be either a cause of concern or a resource, depending on what is done with it. Methane is a greenhouse gas that can contribute to global warming as it is released into the atmosphere. On a more positive note, trapped methane can be extracted and used as a source of energy in places where citizens must go without.

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