What is toxic sludge?



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    Toxic sludge is just one form that toxic waste can take in addition to liquid and solid form. “Toxic” waste is the same as “hazardous” waste. It can cause death or injury to all living things and contains many chemicals, heavy metals, dangerous pathogens and other toxins. It can come from common household items like cleaning products, from farms and their chemical fertilizers, from industries dumping waste, medical facilities, etc. The “sludge” part of toxic sludge simply means that it is not in liquid form or solid and is somewhere between the two.

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    Going off of what haydenseder mentioned, toxic sludge can result from the combination of many household chemicals. Together, they can create a potent reaction that could be deadly to humans and animals. It’s imporant you monitor what you are using in your home and how you are using it. There are cases of many people getting sick or even dying from accidents with household products. For more information, please find the link below. 

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    Like haydenseder and environmichael said, toxic sludge can contain any number of harmful chemicals. According to the EPA’s website, sludge can also contain “significant quantities” of hormones and endocrine disruptors that interfere with the hormone system in many animals. The EPA allows industrial sludge to be spread over land as “fertilizer” though it contains all of these harmful components. This process is called “land application.”

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