What is the top speed of a horse?



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    According to the American Quarter Horse Association, the fastest time for a 440 yard race comes out to be about 43 mph.

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    Just like a human, it depends on the horse’s build and athletic ability. For horses that are not bred for speed, like a poney-the gallop is about 30 mph. Thoroughbreds, which are bred for running distance but not speed, can reach speeds a little over 40 MPH. Quarter horses, which are bred for speed and racing, can reach up to 50 MPH in short bursts.

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    Horses speed varies with their stride length, body build, and other factors but basically walking pace of hourses range from 3 -4 MPH. A pleasure show horse can go as slow as 2 MPH and gaited horses goin on a running walk as fast as 15 MPH. At a galloping pace, it depends on the horse’s condition and their athletic ability. Thoroughbreds, which are bred for running distance but not speed have been clocked at over 40 mph while Quarter horses, bred and raced for short distances can reach 50 mph.

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