What is top 3 oil spills in America?



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    Lakeview Gusher (1910-1911)- 1,230,000 tonnes of oil spilt (9 million barrels)

    Deepwater Horizon (BP) (2010) – 492,000-627,000 tonnes of oil spilt

    Exxon Valdez (1989)- 104,000 tonnes of oil spilt


    The Lakeview Gusher is estimated to be the largest oil spill in both World and American history.  It lasted for over 18 months in Kern County, California between 1910 and 1911, and was a over land oil spill (not in the ocean like the other 2 largest spills in US history)

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    I found a list of the top ten oil spills. The top three are the following:The Amoco Cadiz, Arabian Gulf Spills, and Argo Merchant.

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