What time of the year is best to pick apples?



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    The best time for apple picking is in October.  You can also get some early apples in late September or late apples in early November.  The summer weather is a large determiner of when apples will be the best.

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    The best time to pick apples depends on the state and maturity of the apple.  You can tell when apples are ready to pick because they will begin to drop from the tree.  Another good indicator is when the bottom of the fruit is yellow-green instead of just green.  If you’re still unsure, you can always taste test — probably one of the best and tastiest methods!  If you’re picking from a farm you can also call ahead and ask when the fruit will be ready for picking.  Farmers know everything about their fruit and will gladly tell you the best time to come and enjoy it.  That being said, the typical time range for picking apples is August (early apples) through November (late apples).   

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    September, October, and November are all good for picking apples. My parents have an apple tree in their back yard, and they start getting apples in September, and by Christmas we switch from picking apples to picking oranges. Also, it is popular for students from my university to take a yearly pilgrimage to Apple Hill early in fall quarter when classes are just starting.

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