What time of day should landscape sprinklers be run?

I have some commercial property that I’ve landscaped with hardy, low-water native plants, and I’m wondering when the best time of day is to water them. I’ve heard right before the sun comes up, but I’ve also heard it should happen right as the sun goes down. I’m pretty sure watering in the middle of the day is bad, right? Help!



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    By watering in the evening or night the landscapers can use 20 to 40% less water than if they were to water in the hottest part of the day. This is because it is cooler so the plants are standing up and able to absorb the water. Also, watering in the hot sun can result in burn marks on the leaves as the sun shines through the water droplets.

    Also, by watering when most businesses and companies are closed is better for the demand placed on the water supply. This is better for the environment.

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