What time of the day do flowers start to open up?



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    It depends on the flower.  Most flowers stay open around the clock, while others have heliotropic responses (responses to sunlight) or chalotropic responses (responses to heat) which cause them to open or close due to variations in light or temperature.  In these cases it is not a particular “time of day” that causes the flowers to open or close but the particular environmental factor to which the plants are sensative.  The mirabilis flower, for example, is called the four-o-clock flower because it typically opens at four o’clock in the morning and closes at four o’clock in the evening.  The mirabilis, however, does not know what time it is , but is reacting to the temperature changes that typically take place at this time of the day.  Other flowers, such as moonflower and the cereus, contrary to the typical pattern, actually open at night.

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