What is the Timber Mafia in Pakistan?



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    The Timber Mafia is an organized crime group that is involved in illegal logging activities. Illegal logging is a $20 billion per year industry that is known for destroying entire eco-systems and increasing climate change. The Timber Mafia is very active in Pakistan and has connections to the Taliban. An article that came out of the “China Dialogue” claimed that this group was solely responsible for increased erosion, flooding, landslides, fallen trees, and damaged bridges and dams in Pakistan (McDermott, 2010).

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    Just like nellieliz4 said, the Timer Mafia is an organized crime group operating in the forests of Pakistan.  The country is only covered by 5.2% of forests, so this illegal logging is taking a huge toll on Pakistan.  In 2010, there was a huge flood and most of the destruction was due to the logging.  This is because the Timber Mafia stores their logs on the ground, in massive piles.  When all this rain fell, it carried the logs with it which destroyed bridges, roads, homes, and businesses.  It is said that the Taliban makes a profit off of the Timber Mafia.

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