What is Tidal power?



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    There are a number of ways to harness tidal power, but no matter what technique is used, the tide which goes in to shore and away from shore is utilized for electric power generation.

    One technique is known as tidal barrages and works similarly to a hydro-electric dam. Swan Turbines are installments which can best be defined as wind turbines of the sea. A Tidal Reef is similar to a tidal barrage, except that it doesn’t block the water movement as much.

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    Tidal power is the creation of electrical power through tidal waves. The idea is that barrages are placed in rivers with gates in them. These gates close and open depending on the directions of the tides and when larger tides flow in and push open the gates, water is trapped inside (called the hydrostatic head). The larger the hydrostatic head, the larger the power of outflowing wave. This process produces power.

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