what is the thickest bone of the human body




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    For most people, it’s their brain.

    Ok, I lied.

    If you measure from end-to-end, it’s the femur, in the upper thigh. That seems pretty clear. Given a choice, that is NOT the bone you want broken. (There are a bunch of other ones you don’t want broken, too.)

    The most dense appears to be the jaw (mandible). Eh.

    Take all this for what it’s worth. The common search references are all unscientific, “me first” answers that provide no references or citations.

    Pretty much an example of how much garbage the Internet generates when someone asks a “cool” question. No offense. But now that you’ve asked this question, fer god’s sake, now I want to know what the least dense human bone is. Thanks a lot!

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    As stated above, the femur bone is the thickest, and one of the strongest bones in the body. It is also the longest bone in the body, supporting much of the body’s weight, and allows for lower body movement. it is easily one of the most recognizable bones in the body, besides the skull and rib cage. The strength of the femur allows for the ease of walking and running in humans, as it takes much of the movement shock. 

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