What is TerraCycle’s Brigades program?



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    TerraCycle’s brigades program is an attempt to make previously unrecyclable plastics and other waste recyclable. TerraCycle offers different programs, some of which are free, to collect this waste. The waste they collect is then used to make new products. Here is a link to the different Brigades programs TerraCycle offers: http://www.terracycle.net/brigades.html?locale=en-US

    The way these programs usually work is you join a brigade and start collecting waste. Then, you ship it to TerraCycle, which often offers free shipping.

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    In addition to what sfincher explains, TerraCycle also partners with school, youth groups, and non profits to help them raise funds. The groups collect trash from their communities and send it to TerraCycle, and TerraCycle sends the groups $0.02 per unit of trash. It is an easy way to raise some money.

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