What temperature can you freeze a human body at?

Is a fridge sufficient?



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    How fast do you need your human body frozen? Most standard refrigerators aren’t going to be cold enough (I assume you’ve chopped up the body in order to get it to fit inside), but a freezer will freeze human flesh just as well as the other animal flesh it was designed for. If you’re talking about a living human being, however, and let’s assume it’s one with the capacity to fight back or escape if given enough time, you’re going to have to get very cold. The human body is generally somewhere around 95 degrees Farenheit, and you’ve got to reduce that core temperature rapidly if you want the body to freeze fast. If the person is dressed well with a lot of layers, that’s going to keep the body warm enough to survive even in the coldest temperatures you’re likely going to achieve. Hypothermia is what happens when that core temperature (not the one of the room but the one inside the body) is below 95 degrees Farenheit.

    In order to achieve that, keep the body naked and immobile, and it should freeze easily in a standard freezer.

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