What is the best eco friendly industrial cleaning supplier?



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    A good industrial cleaner should:

    1. be biodegradable and non toxic

    2. not contain EDTA or NTA, chemicals that are bad for the environment

    3. contain 0 to less than 0.5% phosphates by weight. these can cause algal blooms, which suffocate aquatic life by sitting on top of the water and preventing sunlight from entering aquatic systems

    4. be sold in a concentrated form that is cold water dilutable to reduce transport and hot water energy waste

    5. not contain chlorine beach of sodium hypochlorite, which are toxic and carcinogenic

    6. contain few organic compounds (less than 10% by weight). These are volatile and pollute the air. 

    7. have citrus-based or pine oil solvent (avoid petroleum products)

    8. be of neutral pH

    9. be packaged in a recyclable container

    Some recommended brands that meet these requirements include Alfa Kleen, The Clean Environment, CFR Corporation, DynaChem (Alfen), and EnviroSmart Products

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