What is the TED X Great Pacific Garbage Patch Event?



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    The Tedx Great Pacific Garbage Patch event is happening on March 13 at the American Museum of Natural History. Speakers, including John D. Eriksen, Jarod Miller, and Eugenia Naro-Marel are coming to discuss the implications of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The event aims to spread awareness and information of the Great Pacific Patch, which is a giant gyre in the Pacific, estimated to be 3.5 million acres, or about the size of Texas. The garbage patch disrupts the marine food chain and ecosystem, killing ocean life.

    Last year, TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch organized a global webcast that took place in November 2010. It was a forum that focused on solving the plastic pollution problem. Speakers discussed ocean health, reducing plastic consumption and waste, increasing awareness.

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    The TED X Great Pacific Garbage Patch Event was a campaign/movement to stop the use and disposal of single-use and disposable plastics, as these end up in garbage patches in the ocean.  Although the event was last year, the website and movement is still online.  TED is an organization/website that sponsors inspirational and educational ideas (“ideas worth spreading”), so this is an extension of that mentality.  The idea is that you sign up to REFUSE, or make a promise to 1. refuse to use single-use plastics 2. reduce your overall wastefulness 3. reuse what can’t be wasted, and 4. recycle what you can’t reuse.

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