What technology saves the most water?



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    For LEED Platinum Certification of the Bank of America Tower in New York City, the world’s first Platinum certified high rise, the Water Efficiency points came primarily from four initiatives:

    Overall water savings is estimated at 13.4 million gallons per year (gpy) or 45% of total water consumption, resulting in a net savings of approximately $49,750 per year (for the cost of water and sewer).

    • Non-water urinals = 5.5 million gpy = $27,000/yr
    • Lavatory wastewater 2.1 million gpy = $10,000/yr
    • Condensate harvesting = 3.5 million gpy = $6,750/yr
    • Stormwater harvesting = 2/3 million gpy = $6,000/yr
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