What is tea tree oil used for?



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    Tea Tree oil is a naturally occurring antibacterial disinfectant.  One of its biggest strengths is that is able to combat “all three types of infectious organisms:  fungus, bacteria, and virus.”  Because of its properties, tea tree oil is used as a general disinfectant, used in a bath for muscle relaxation, applied to the face for a natural acne treatment, applied to the skin to soothe boils and warts, used orally to treat bad breath, inflamed gums, and plaque, and even used with humidifiers to clear up congestion.

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    A cleaning solution to kill mold in your kitchen and bathroom can be made by using one teaspoon of tea tree oil to every cup of water.  Mixed together, and put in a spray bottle, this is effective at killing all types of mold/bacteria. 

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