What is the Tata Tower A Super Garage?



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    Tata is an Indian automaker who invented the cheapest car.  It is projected that by 2030 Mumbai land area will be 25% cars.  In response to this, Tata has conceptualized the Tata Tower, which a vertical super parking garage for Tata employees that would include wind turbine and algae farm power generators, and a slot system that could hold over 4000 cars which would shift and retrieve particular cars as needed.  Charging stations for EVs would be installed as well. 

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    Basically, it is, but I doubt they’ll be calling it that anytime soon. Chelsea hit it right on the head. To elaborate, the city of Mumbai’s infrastructure is on the brink of collapse because of an increased population density. This is apparently an effort to reduce the strain on the city’s infrastructure.  

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