what is the tallest tree you would find in the rainforest?



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    Rainforests have 4 layers: the forest floor, the understory layer, the canopy layer and the emergent layer.  The tallest trees are the emergents, those found popping out above the canopy in the emergent layer.  They can reach over 200 feet above the forest floor, sporting trunks that measure up to 16 feet around.  Very rarely, some emergent trees have been measured to reach heights of over 400 feet.

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    The coast redwoods also grow in rainforests. Although temperate, these are still rainforests with upwards of 80 or more inches of rain per year. Therefore coast redwoods would be the tallest trees found in some type of rainforest. Other than citations below, search online for Hyperion, the tallest known coast redwood.

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    The tallest tree found in the Amazon is the Kapok tree.  Reaching heights of 200 feet, its trunk can be up to 11 feet in diameter.  Being such a large and common tree, the Kapok is home to many different species of bird, bug, amphibians and tree climbers.  Bats are actually responsbile for the pollination of Kapok trees.  They are attracted by the trees’ smell and end up carrying the flower pollen across the rainforest.

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