What is the tallest rock in California?



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    Not sure if you mean literally the tallest rock or the highest peak.  Either way, it seems like the tallest rocks (maybe for mountain climbing?) are California Ridge and Castle Falls Wall.  Each of these rocks are about 100 feet up!

    The tallest peak in California is Mt. Whitney which has an elevation of 14,491 feet!  

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    There is also, what is disputed to be the largest boulder in the world, in the Mojave Desert.  The boulder is simply called Giant Rock and stands at more than 7 stories tall.  Some people believe aliens placed it in the middle of the desert.

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    Vertical Adventures Rock climbing school makes the claim that Tahquitz Rock outside Idyllwood is “Southern California’s tallest rock formation” at one thousand feet.  This phrasing though makes me think that there is a taller rock somewhere in Northern California.  Otherwise Vertical Adventures would probably just advertise Tahquitz as California’s tallest rock.  

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