What is the tallest pine tree in the world?



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    The Mendocino Redwood is the tallest tree in the world. I’m pretty sure that it’s a variety of the pine tree, although my google searches haven’t been super helpful wtih that one. In addition, though, the oldest tree in the world, dubbed the Methusala tree, is also a pine. This tree is over four thousand years old and dwells in the mountains of California.

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    The tallest species of pine is the Sugar Pine. The Sugar Pine typically grows anywhere from 130-200 feet tall and is native to the mountains of Oregon and California as well as Baja California and northwestern Mexico.

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    When this question was asked, the Mendocino Redwood was not the tallest tree. In 2000, a man by the name of Atkins discovered Stratosphere Giant near Avenue of the Giants. In 2006, Atkins and Taylor discovered 3 more redwoods even taller. The tallest of those 3 is called Hyperion. And Hyperion is presently the tallest tree in the world. The Sugar Pine is no longer the tallest pine. The Ponderosa pine is now the world’s tallest pine tree. One citation is wikipedia, and they put parenthesis in the URLs. If it does not copy paste properly, see Hyperion redwood on Wikipedia for the basics.

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