What is the tallest building in Europe?



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    Authorities have just given the go ahead to build a sky scraper in St. Petersburg, Russia which will be Europe’s tallest building. The building will reach heights of 1,322 and be taller than the Eiffel Tower.

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    The tallest building in Europe is Moscow’s Naberezhnaya Tower block C, at 268.4 meters tall, but the nearby City of Capitals building due to be completed in 2009 will become the tallest at 274 meters.

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    The tallest building in Europe is located in Russia, in Moscow. The City of Capitals stands at 299.9 meters, 948 feet, with 77 floors. The next two tallest are also in Russia, with the fourth in Istanbul at 856 feet, and fifth and sixth in Frankfurt, Germany at 849 and 842 feet respectively.

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