What takes people so long to change for the better?



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    People can sometimes take awhile to change because change can be scary. It is easy to want to sit in your comfort zone. Also, some changes may seem small, but they really affect one’s whole word view.

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    Some people may not know what a change for the “better” is. They need help to understand what human activities are doing to the environment and to the planet. Education can be used in some cases to provide factual and informative information that people can use to help them make a change for the “better”.

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    People are stubborn. They like what they like and do not appreciate other people telling them that they are wrong. This is the general feel that I get from the current situation. People take a while to see things in a new perspective. Some people take longer than others, and some just don’t want to take a new perspective at all and shut themselves inside their own thoughts and opinions.

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    People become comfortable. Once set in their daily routine, a small obstactle can seem to be a huge issued to overcome. This routine becomes almost a tradition and when new insights and practices are introduced it can make an individual feel very uncomfortable.

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    They are lazy, selfish, and don’t want to accept their way of life could be wrong.

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    We need to do what we can to educate people, without being pushy. People are resistant to change, but it is important to respect them or they will not listen.

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    It is not usually because people are lazy, selfish, mean or ignorant.  It is human nature to go along as you always have and change can be difficult and seem scary to some.  Additionally what you think or believe is better, may not be what someone else believes is better.  In order to persuade someone to your point of view or perspective, you need to be able to communicate to them in a manner that is respectful.  When you have a conversation with someone, use facts to educate them or show them why one way may be better than another rather than just telling them.

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    Ideas and perceptions are often formed over a long period of time, and therefore are often hard to change, for better or worse. In regards to the environment, change reflecting greater consciousness of human impact can also often be cost-prohibitive. To take one small example, environmentally-friendly groceries, from recycled toilet paper to pesticide-free produce, are almost always more expensive than their less eco-friendly counterparts. So I second the above poster’s sentiment – I don’t think it’s because people are lazy or ignorant, but because people often have so much else on their plate that awareness, and eventually change, can be difficult to ferment.

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