What is a symbiotic relationship? Do humans have any symbiotic relationships? If not, what are some other interesting examples?



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    Symbiotic relationships includes different biological species in which one organism lives on another, or where one partner lives inside the other. They may be either obligate, meaning it is necessary for the survival of at least one of the organisms involved, or facultative, where the relationship is beneficial but not essential for survival of the organisms.

    There are human human symbiotic relationships, but humans have symbotic relationships with other species like cultivated plants, domesticated animals, and intestinal bacteria. Click the link below to see others.

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    Symbiotic relationships occur between species that live together. The term describes a number of different types of relationships. One species may rely on the other for survival while causing harm to that species. The two species may simply benefit one another without being necessary for survival, like honey bees that help pollinate flowers while feeding on nectar. Parasitic relationships are a type of symbiotic relationship, which harms the host while the parasite benefits. Any human who has had lice or foot fungus has experienced this relationship. Humans also have symbiotic relationships with domestic animals, such as dogs and cats, who could not live without human help.

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    Symbiotic relationship is said to exist between organims when they are of mutual benevolence to one another. This is found in bees which are classified as social animals. They is division of labour, so each caste works for the good of the colony.

    It also exists among humans which are also social animals. This is the more reason why humans co-exist and any form of digression from mutual benevolence may result to frictional relationship.

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