What is sustainable seafood?



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    Sustainable seafood is food that has less of an impact on the environment than conventional seafood. Fish that are considered sustainable are determined to be so fusing the following factors: 

    -status of wild populations

    -fishing method used

    -bycatch generated (amount of animals caught that were not aimed for)

    -impact on natural habitat

    -management by fisheries

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    A great program that will help you understand the movement is the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program. This Program emphasizes the importance of consuming sustainable seafood so that our oceans and bodies can stay healthy both now and in the future. Their home site has tons of resources but on of the best ones is their Pocket guide to sustainable seafood which lets you know which seafood you should be buying and or avoiding.

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    A company called Wildcatch (www.wildcatch.com) uses sustainable fishing methods to provide wild Alaskan salmon.  Ecofish is another company that uses sustainable fishing methods (www.ecofish.com).

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