What is sustainable farming?



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    Sustainable farming (the proper word for it is sustainable agriculture) is described as:

    “a philosophy and a system of farming. It has its roots in a set of values that reflects an awareness of both ecological and social realities. It involves design and management procedures that work with natural processes to conserve all resources and minimize waste and environmental damage, while maintaining or improving farm profitability. Working with natural soil processes is of particular importance. Sustainable agriculture systems are designed to take maximum advantage of existing soil nutrient and water cycles, energy flows, beneficial soil organisms, and natural pest controls. By capitalizing on existing cycles and flows, environmental damage can be avoided or minimized. Such systems also aim to produce food that is nutritious, and uncontaminated with products that might harm human health.”

    This is a widely accepted definition of sustainable agriculture and pretty much sums it up. Sustainable farming is basically the most environmentally sensitive approach to agriculture, in every single aspect of it. 

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    Sustainable farming is a practice in which ecology, natural balances, and health are combined to provide a more environmentally friendly way to raise food.  Water supplies are evaluated to make watering more efficient and provide conservation of ecosystems so that habitats are not destroyed.  Air, soil, and animals are also part of how sustainable farming is practiced.  All factors and their needs are combined so that farming has the least possible impact on the surrounding environment.

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