What is a sustainable diet?



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    A diet could be characterized as sustainable if the ingredients primarily came from local sources – even one’s own garden – and were grown organically. This reduces harmful pesticide use and long travels that emit lots of carbon dioxide. Eating as many foods as possible while in season in your region can also make a diet more Earth-friendly. Eating less meat, which is most often produced in mass-resource-consuming factory farms is another great way to choose a sustainable diet. These operations require enormous amounts of land and water resources, deforesting regions around the world, like the Amazon, to grow soy to feed cattle (which naturally eat grass), destroying the soil and environment. (In the case of the Amazon, the soils are poor once the vegetation growing in them is altered, so the ground can bake into a brick after being turned into a monocrop farm.) Eating a vegetable, fruit, and whole-grain diet based off of organic, non-GMO, and local resources can help you eat in more harmony with the Earth.

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    As chelseyzellita said, eating local is a good way to cut down on the amount of fossil fuel used to transport foodstuffs. One very popular sustainable diet is the 100-mile diet. You can go on a 100-mile diet by shopping exclusively at local produce stands and farmer’s markets as well as gardening.

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    Additionally, a sustainable diet should not be wasteful. Food leftovers should be composted to nourish the soil. Food should have as little packaging as possible to reduce trash volume. I also agree with the suggestions from previous answers! 

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