What is susbstitute for flour?



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    If you’re looking to avoid the gluten in flour there are several widely available substitutes. You can try rice, tapioca, or bean flour. You can also try recipes that mix all of these together for a good all purpose flour substitute.

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    Substitutes of white flour includes, but are not limited to, oat flour, rice flour, buckwheat flour, and flax seed.

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    I love almond flour, personally.

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    Many health food stores have lots of options for gluten free cooking or baking, like the options mentioned previously, as well as blend of these types of alternative flour; marketed as an all purpose gluten free baking mix. These same stores also offer mixes (in a box) for gluten free cakes, cookies, bread, and pizza dough. I have tried them and they are not bad! Below is the link for the box mix brand, but even Betty Crocker now has gluten free options!

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    Brown rice flour, cornflour, potato flour, and tapioca flour are among the many gluten-free flours available. In baking recipes, millet flour, tapioca flour, rice flour, and quinoa flour are often combined as a flour substitute. Some grocery stores have specialty all-purpose gluten-free flours — one brand is Bob’s Red Mill Flour. Wheat-free.org and CSA Celiacs have lists of flour substitues for wheat and gluten allergies. 

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