What surfaces can disinfectant be used on?



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    I’m not sure which Disinfectant you mean, there are several different types of disinfectant and indeed different surfaces can be corroded by the wrong kind of Disinfectant.  Can you be more specific?

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    Vinegar and water is a great cleaning product that can be used on a number of surfaces. I always recommend vinegar and water as a green cleaning product.

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    Disinfectants come in a varying degree of strength to cater to the needs of just about any surface. Stronger disinfectants can be used on porcelin and tile, while more milder ones can be used on wood and fabrics, while milder ones still can be used on your skin.

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    It’s important to read the instructions and warnings on any disinfectant that you use, not only to protect surfaces, but to make sure that you are using the product safely.  I agree with the post above that vinegar and water is a very green and safer cleaning product than most.

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