What is a superfluid?



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    A superfluid is a state of matter in which a fluid or gas is capable of flowing endlessly past any surface without friction. This allows the superfluid to circulate over obstructions through containers, for example. When all of the constituent atoms in a sample as such occupy the same quantum state, a superfluid transition occurs. As the atoms become closer together, they cool down, lose their individual identities, and begin to function as one atom. Superfluids have very different properties than other forms of matter. For instance, they have no internal viscosity, zero thermodynamic entropy, and have infinite thermal conductivity.

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    To be considered a Superfluid, a liquid must be able to flow without friction. The most common is Superfluid Helium.  If cooled to below it’s boiling point of -452 degress fahrenheit, Superfluid Helium can remain motion-less in a spinning container, climb up/over the sides of a dish, and dribble through tiny cracks.  

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