What is a sunken forest?



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    Fire Island’s Sunken Forest is called that because it’s a maritime forest down behind the dunes on the island. The trees are rather small, rarely going over 30 ft, and it’s quite a popular tourist attraction for the island.

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    This is a forest on Fire Island that is technically below sea level, as it is located in the lee of a sand dune, where it appears to have sunken.

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    “The Sunken Forest is a unique maritime environment situated in the lee of a sand dune giving it the appearance of being below sea level—hence the name, Sunken Forest.” Quoted from the same source. 

    It’s not below sea level, it just gives the illusion of being so. If it were below sea level it would fill with salt water seeping in from the ocean.

    I found a really interesting, in-depth discussion of the Sunken Forest at http://www.nps.gov/history/history/online_books/science/7/chap1.htm

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