What is the Sun chips compostable bag?



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    Many related answers if you search GreenAnswers for ‘sun chips’. One in the link.

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    The compostable bag is biodegradable; made of polyactic acid the bag is said to decompose over 14 weeks when placed in a hot, active compost bin. Although Frito-Lay had stopped previously due to the loudness of the bag when opened and consumed, they will continue to use the compostable bags on the original flavored chips.

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    Frito-Lay is currently working on a newer, quieter compostable bag. While the Original flavor is still using the louder bag, the company is developing the new packaging. While the compostable bag is better for the environment, the company received several complaints from consumers. The bag registered at a 97 decibels on a RadioShack sound meter, while the traditional bag only registered a 77. The company wants to continue working on packaging that is better for the environment, especially because they had such a huge ad campaign for the compostable bags.

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