What successes have there been so far at the Copenhagen climate talks?



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    Not much will decided before the international leaders arrive later this week, but it’s not looking great. 

    However, you asked for successes and it seems that the greatest will be a plan to compensate countries for preserving forests.  The plan is called REDD, Reducing Emissions From Deforestation and Forest Degradation.  It is not finalized yet, but it appears compensation will come in the form of money and/or carbon credits. 

    From the UNFCC homepage: “The IPCC (2007) estimated emissions from deforestation in the 1990s to be at 5.8 GtCO2/year.  It also noted that reducing and/or preventing deforestation and preventing the release of carbon emissions into the atmosphere is the mitigation option with the largest and most immediate carbon stock impact in the short term per hectare and per year globally.”  (Gt is Giggatonne, or 1,000,000,000 metric tons)

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