What is the strongest volcano eruption on record?



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    The largest volcanic eruption in recorded history was in 1815 from Mount Tambora on the Sumbawa islands in Indonesia.  It erupted with a rating of 7 on the Volcanic Explosivity Index. 

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    Largest Known Holocene Volcanic Eruptions 

    (from http://www.uwgb.edu/dutchs/PLATETEC/TOPTEN.HTM)

    Year Volcano Location Ejecta Remarks
    4650 B.C. Mount Mazama Oregon 100+ Formed Crater Lake
    4300 B.C. Kikai Ryukyu Islands, Japan 100+ Pyroclastic flows traveled 100 km, reached southern Japan. Southern Kyushu devastated.
    1470 B.C. Santorini    Greece 10+ Destroyed Minoan civilization
    186 A. D. Taupo   New Zealand  80+ Pyroclastic flows travelled 100 km
    260 Ilopango   El Salvador 10+  
    536 Rabaul    New Guinea 10+ Global climatic effects
    850 Hekla   Iceland 10+  
    1010 Baitoushan China-Korea 150  
    1783 Laki    Iceland 1 Largest historic fissure flow
    1815 Tambora  Indonesia   150 Global climatic effects
    1883 Krakatau   Indonesia  20+ Blast heard 5,000 km away
    1912 Katmai   Alaska 10+  
    1991 Pinatubo Philippines 10  

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