What is the strongest geometric shape?



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    The triangle is the strongest geometric shape. While it may seem that many buildings are built with squares and rectangles, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that triangles are often the basis on which the squares and rectangles are formed.

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    Great answer jaytee, but I must remind you that a tripod, not a triangle, is the most structurally sound establishment, although buildings and structures as such have three floor corners. I confuse the two all the time, trust me. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    It seems that for some purposes that, yes, the triangle is the strongest shape however the circle and the caternary curve (used in bridges) are also up there.

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    The triangle is a three sided shape and is the strongest.  It is rigid, but supports a wide range of loads.  The triangle is often used in architecture, from building bridges to buildings.  The triangular truss is a concept used to build bridges and is widely accepted as a norm. 

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    The strongest geometric shape is the circle.

    In many cases people use examples like: “Triangles are used all the time in bridges.”  That does not make them the strongest.  That makes them more practical in a wider area of functions.  The Triangle has two weak areas: its three points and the three center points of the sides between them.  The center points of the sides of the triangle are its weakest points, the least amount of force is needed to cause it to collapse there.  The points are not nessesarily weak, but they take the most stress.  One could say their primary loadbearing areas are the points and the secondary are the sides.

    The Circle on the other hand can be thought of having an infinite number of points and zero sides.  At no singular point is the circle weaker or stronger than any other point.  Any force applied from any direction is applied equally across the entire thing.  This is what makes it the strongest geometric shape.

    I’ve limited this to two dimentions.  Though the argument still works for a prism vs a sphere.  The “star shaped fortress” in my reference will take too much investigating to understand the exact shape without a picture or wether or not “attack” equates to strength.

    Also “I was always told from a construction standpoint that the triangle is the strongest geometrical figure.”  I work as an Commercial Electrician and know that is not true.  It is just alot easier.  The circle is only strongest as a perfect circle.  The easiest way to make perfect circles is with punch tools.  That ovbiously limits its application.  So though Triangles are used more often it is because they are easier to make in a wider range of situations not because they are stronger.

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