What is the strongest gemstone in the world?



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    The diamond (pictured below) is the strongest gemstone in the world. Its critical stress intensity factor (the amount of pressure it can be squeezed under before altering shape) is 3.4 MN·m−3/2  and its toughness (its ability to withstand forceful impact) is 2.0 MPa·m. While these measures may not mean much to those unfamiliar with physics

    and mathematical notations, they do signify that diamonds are the strongest gemstone

    on earth.



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    The strongest gem is the diamond. Nothing is harder. The second is the sapphire. Nothing can cut diamonds except diamonds.

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    Actually, the strongest gemstone in the world is Nephrite Jade, whereas Diamond is the hardest on the Mohs Scale. Hardness and strength are two totally different properties. If you had a strip of Nephrite Jade and a strip of diamond of the same dimensions between two supports and applied pressure to them from above or dropped a weight onto them Diamond would break first.

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