What is the strongest ant in the world?



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    Although there are roughly 12,000 species of ants it appears they are all about equal in their ability to carry weight.  Within one species an ant might carry something only 5 times its weight but then be able to carry something 25 times its weight by dragging it. This kind of variation within a species also leads to discrepancy about carrying weight since an ant might recruit a few other ants to help it carry something, leaving us without the knowledge of whether the ant could have carried it itself or not.

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    That’s hard to say.  Even common household ants can lift up to 20 times their own weight.  However, the ants that have the strongest impact on humans, or are perhaps the most powerful, are Army Ants, which work in swarms and can kill birds, insects, and small rodents; Bullet Ants, which live in South America, and have the most painful bite of any insect in the world, which survivors claim is like being shot with a bullet (they get very large, too); and Fire Ants, which also have a painful sting and are very harmful to the environment. 

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