What is the strongest alloy known to man?



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    First of all, an alloy is made when two are more metals are combined by extreme heat. Alloys made in order to create a metal of greater strength or one that is more resistant to corrosion. Alloys take characteristics from each metals used to make it to make something new and better.Alloys are heat-treated and that is what makes them become so tough.

    Two alloys that are listed in 2010 on PBS’s NOVA site as the world’s strongest alloys. They  are maraging steel and nickle-based super-alloys. Maraging steel is a part of super-strong steel family. Maraging alloys can withstand tension and pulling forces. It is able to maintain its strength and toughness under extreme high temperatures unlike most steels. The strength of maraging steel is ideal for aerospace applications and high-performance engines.  Nickle based super-alloys endure extreme ciorcumstances such as extreme high heat. Nickel-based alloys are made of nickel, aluminum, titaniumm, and numerous other elements. Nickel-based alloys are ideal for discs for jet planes and turbines.

    In 2011, a new alloy was created and said to be the strongest alloy ever created. Caltech researchers say they have created the strongest alloy. The new alloy is made of palladium, silver and a mixture of metalloids. The new alloy has gone through strenuous tests and have shown to endure a level of strength and toughness that no other metal and alloy have passed. The molecules of the newest alloy lock together in a glass-like fluid way. Even so, the alloy does not break so easily like glass. The senior Caltech researcher Marios Demetriou stated that, “Our study demonstrates for the first time that this class of materials, the metallic glasses, has the capacity to become the toughest and strongest ever known.”

    Marios Demetrious also stated that the new alloy will soon be used for biomedical plants, in aerospace components and the new alloy is extremely expensive. So expensive that it will not be used widely and in a large-scale.

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