What is stromabolites? how it is form?Are they found in most caves?



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    I tried to search for your term “stromabolites” but was only able to come up with information on a thing called “stromatolites”. Perhaps this is what you are referring to?

    If so, stromatolites are layered structures that are formed in shallow water. They are formed by the trapping. binding, and the cementation of sedimentary grains.

    They are mostly found in Lakes and Lagoons but there have been occurences of non-lake dwelling Stromatalites in caves.

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    Stromatolites contain layered structures of “sedimentary grains” made from the “biofilms of microganisms,” especially blue-green algae, a type if cyanobacteria, and function as some of the most ancient records of life on Earth available.  The earliest stromatolite made from biological materials dates at 2.7 billion years ago.

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      Thank you very much for answering my question regarding stromatolites.cos this type of biological form of thing is found in Mulu Deer cave ,one of the largest cave in the world,strange thing is they are in fresh water,not at the cave near the sea.

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