what is a strategy i can use to directly help our world transition to a green economy?

I am currently a college student planning to major in bio engineering, that loves wildlife. Is there something greater that i can do to help preserve our environment rather than only recycling?



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    I have always favored efforts to reduce exhaust emissions or water pollution. There are many ways to get involved and I believe water pollution may be right up your ally.

    I don’t have a source to cite you, but I was once involved in a project of non-point source pollution that has killed a bunch of Salmon in Olympia, WA. First thoughts where that it was a toxic chemical, turns out it was the direct runoff from the streets into a river.

    My point is that to transition into a green economy it is best to prevent. It is always, well most always, less expensive to prevent a wider discharge or treat at the source, rather then treat after or down stream.

    Again, it’s most often about the bottom line and you can be the conduit to get to that bottom line. Hope this helps in some way! Good luck.

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