What strategy is eBay using to meet corporate sustainability goals?



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    Currently, eBay is employing three strategies in order to meet corporate sustainability goals. All three rest on the support of green teams, a push by the company to incorporate sustainable methods into the daily routines of the business.

    1) By connecting the green teams to other aspects of the business, eBay hopes to use the green teams to influence functions such as travel, procurement, facilities and operations. This will hopefully be done while maintaining the grassroots nature of the green effort.

    2) By using the green teams as agents of development and action, eBay hopes to not only bring new technology into the world, but also the routines of the workplace. Recently, the company held a competition to see who could come up with the next eco-friendly innovation; it was called the Big Green Idea Contest. This yielded the eBay box, a greener form of product packaging that is now used on a companywide level.

    3) By allowing green teams to spearhead education programs, aimed at creating a greener workplace in all possible ways, eBay is constantly improving the efficiency of the company. One example of this is their Zero Waste for Green Space program, which reduced workplace waste by 95% by replacing garbage cans with compost and recycle bins. 

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    eBay came up with a fun idea to help the environment by resuing boxes. The boxes are filled with notes and personal messages. eBay also provides an online acsess for buyers and sellers to learn about a box’s journey. This creative idea has integrated modern social networking with nostalgic hand written notes.

    eBay estimated their boxes can save about 4,000 trees, 2.4 million gallons of water and conserve enough energy to power 49 homes for a year. Each box would be used about 5 times or more until it is no longer useable.

    For a fun read on how eBay is helping the environment, visit:


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