What is the strangest fish in the ocean?



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    Many people consider the Frog Fish, with its leg like fins, scurrying across the ocean floor, to be the strangest fish in the ocean.

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    The Red Lipped Batfish or Ogcocephalus darwini is one of the strangest fish. The Red Lipped Batfish, named for its red lips, has the amazing ability to acutally walk on its pectoral fins. These fish are relatively small, only growing to a maximum length of 40cm.

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    My preferred strange fish is the blob fish. It’s made almost entirely of gelatinous mass with very little muscles, and no air bladder, as it’s made up of a slightly less dense consistency than the dense water on the bottom of the ocean. It simply hovers and waits for something tasty to swim by its mouth, an action which has caused it to be dubbed the lazy fish.

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