What is the strangest cross breed of an animal?



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    There are some odd cross breeds in the animal kingdom!  I personally think one of the oddest is the leopon.  It is half leopard and half lion.  It has the markings of a leopard and the mane of a lion.  There’s a list of some interesting animal hybrids below, including the leopon.  (All the names are really fun to say, too!)

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    Another interesting mix is the zonkey.  It is a mixture of a zebra and a donkey.  Unlikely to be found in the wild, most zonkeys are found in the zoos of Africa. Like the mule, another donkey half breed, the zonkey is believed to be unable to produce.  


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    Another strange cross breed is the beefalo:


    The beefalo, crossing a bison with a cow, are fertile creatures, unlike other cross bred animals.  They have been naturally occuring in the United States since the 18th century and it was in 1800 that cattle ranchers began intentionally breeding the two animals.  Apparently the best traits of each species are featured in the beefalo and the meat is just as delicious as beef but lower in fat and cholesterol.  If breeding practices continue in this way, beefalo may be the new trend in the meat market.

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