What is the strangest consumer product to be petroleum based?

I’m excluding plastics, since most people already know that one.



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    In my opinion the strangest are those things that we ingest and/or apply to our skin. Many products such as antiseptic, antihistamines, cosmetics, aspirin, perfume, cold cream, shampoo and toothpaste contain petroleum products, but we think nothing of putting them in or on our bodies, because companies have made a point of not making it clear that it’s in there.

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         Food. The dyes that color things like cereal, ice cream, and baked goods are often petroleum based. When they are listed as ingredients, these color additives have the prefix FD&C, D&C, or Ext. DNC and then a color and a number. For example, FD&C Yellow 6. Other ingredients, like thiamine mononitrate, are also made from petroleum. 

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