What still needs to be done to bring the volt to market?



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    Not much, so far as I can tell. There are supposedly about 80 Volts on the road today, mostly as press cars and testing vehicles, and throughout 2009 General Motors, which had a very rocky time of it that year, was consistent in saying that the Volt project was still going forward. The plug-in hybrid that GM hopes to bring to market under the Chevrolet name has generated considerable buzz (this is the third question regarding Volts I’ve answered today) but they have not yet reached showroom floors. However, as the process of building, testing and marketing a new brand of car is a lengthy one, particularly when you’re talking about a significant departure from previous models, the lion’s share of the work on the Volt has already been done and by now GM is working out the last few details, such as continued road testing, and the logistics of getting the cars into showrooms for sales. I would expect to see a few Chevy Volts start trickling into auto dealerships with the new models that traditionally hit the sales floors in September, with a steadily increasing presence over the next few months…provided the Volt’s luck changes, that is, and nothing else goes wrong with the project.

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