What steps can be taken to protect coral reefs?



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    Reducing the effects of global warming will help.  Temperature change is one of the biggest threats to coral species.  Because of how interconnected our ecosystem is.  Whatever steps you take in your daily life may help to protect the oceans.  Limiting your water runoff that heads to the oceans will help limit the number of toxic chemicals that enter the coral’s system.  Take a look at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s page for their Coral Reef Conservation project in the citation below.  They have a lot of great ideas for individuals to help out the coral reefs. 

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    The Coral Reef Institute website lists 10 things you can do to protect Coral Reefs:

    1. If diving or snorkeling, take only pictures, leave only bubbles.
    2. Recycle
    3. Conserve water
    4. Support organizations that protect coral reefs
    5. Reduce or eliminate fertilizers and pesticides from your life.
    6. Do not anchor on the reef ecosystems.
    7. Do not throw away trash
    8. Respect local guidelines when visiting reefs.
    9. Volunteer for local beach clean-ups and reef clean up programs.
    10. Report illegal activities on reef ecosystems.


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